Services & Capabilities

Web Design

I specialize in elegant, easy-to-use websites. Eschewing trends and flashy techniques, I focus on the fundamentals of good design: excellent user experience and compatibility for both users and administrators; information presented in clean, organized layouts; refined typography; well-edited copy. I strive for timeless design – work that does not look dated one year from launch. Designs are fully tested on a full range of web browsers and platforms, including the latest crop of mobile devices.

Consulting & Workshops

I am an accomplished public speaker and a highly sought after event emcee. I’m, a patient, lucid (and most times funny) teacher that can take complex ideas and concepts and make them seem easy. I have much experience in educating writers, artists, and others on the often confusing landscape of the world wide web. I’ve spoken and presented at writer’s conferences, colleges, Universities, public libraries, and once in a large catholic church. Available for speaking engagements and workshops that deal with the intersection of artists, writers, creative types, and the internet.


I am an experienced writer with a passion for clarity and simplicity. I understand that clear, effective copy – good words put together well – is what truly makes the web an astonishing communication tool. I recognize that user experience and flow of information are of paramount importance to website visitors. Therefore, they’re paramount to YOU, and to me. I don’t mince words, and you won’t catch me typing “lol” anytime soon.