Friends of University Hospitals
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Friends of University Hospitals

Visual Design · Front-end Development · CMS Deployment · Training

The Friends of University Hospitals is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to improving the well-being of those at the hospital. They required a website that held together everything they do.

Challenges & Goals

The Friends of University Hospitals is a complex and diverse organization. They run a gift shop; they curate and maintain the hospital’s art collection; they run an on-site art gallery; they curate vendors; they have a funding arm. There are many other facets to their work – that’s just the surface. Their website requirements were to bring these diverse operations together under a single umbrella and establish a single point of online access. A quadrant grid was selected for most sections, and the type size was kept reasonably large to accommodate visually-challenged viewers. The site had to more or less look the same in all browsers – IE6 included. This introduced a layer of complexity to the design, so a static-width layout was chosen to keep things together.

On a personal note, I have experienced many health setbacks and spent time in the hospital that The Friends works in. My work with them is amongst my most treasured, and I am indebted to them for their grace and care at the University of Alberta hospital.