Edmonton Poetry Festival
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Edmonton Poetry Festival

Visual Design · Front-end Development · CMS Deployment · Copywriting · Administration · Mobile Design

The Edmonton Poetry Festival is an annual festival that celebrates poetry, spoken word, and other forms of literary expression. The site required detailed information on the festival’s schedule, authors, and other endeavours.

Challenges & Goals

The Edmonton Poetry Festival’s online presence serves to inform the public and other poets of the society’s happenings and of course, information on the festival itself – authors, events, venues, etc. The festival started small, but has evolved into a big event with sold-out venues and attracting world-class poetic talent to Edmonton. I take care of the festival site, and write all the copy. A basic two-column design was chosen, but was enhanced with subtle, “poetic” typographic flourishes like drop caps and fleurons. A mobile layout was achieved with a responsive design.