I’m Michael Gravel – a web designer based in Edmonton, Canada. I founded MG Creative in 2007 and I’ve been bringing order and simplicity to the web ever since.

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Web Design

I’m a good listener and it’s the most valuable skill I bring to the table. It’s my job to make a web space that solves a problem for you and your users. I’m a strong advocate for your users. They’re the reason you’re here, and when we work together to make them happy, you become more valuable and everybody goes home in a limousine (or, so says Fast Eddie Felson). Each project has different goals, constraints, and aspirations. I tailor my work to user needs and client goals. I use the latest tools – HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript – and ship designs with well-honed content, appropriate typography, and flexible layouts that work great on any screen: from a phone to a widescreen display. View my Portfolio →

Writing & Content

Content and design go hand-in-hand – one affects the other. If needed, I can write clear, concise copy that everyone can understand. I believe in the fundamentals of sound content strategy: all content should help you with a business goal and/or help your users easily get what they need. As mobile devices become our preferred (and, in some cases, only) methods of accessing the web, content strategy is part of everyone’s business.

Teaching & Speaking

I’m an accomplished public speaker and an awesome event emcee. I’m a patient, lucid teacher (I’m even funny and witty!) that can take complex ideas and concepts and make them seem easy. I have experience in educating writers, artists, and others on the often confusing landscape of the internet. I’ve spoken and presented at writer’s conferences, colleges, Universities, and public libraries.